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     The team worked quickly and courteously, clearly explaining everything and delivering excellent service at an affordable price.
Nessa Drayton10/07/2024
     Throughout their service, the cleaner maintained professionalism and friendliness.
Garret O.18/12/2023
     We got a new puppy and ended up with a lot of dirt and marks on our carpet, sofa and stuff. Barnet Cleaners did an amazing job at the upholstery cleaning, I really didn't expect them to get it out, so I was very pleased with the result.
Oscar Nunez19/05/2020
     If you are looking for a professional cleaning service, they are the best choice you can take! The crew that is sent is always so professional and safe with everything in our house! I love this service!
Benjamin H.19/09/2019
     My house has never looked this clean and tidy and it's all thanks to the cleaners at Carpet Cleaners Barnes. Thank you!
Fiona Smitt10/06/2019
      Barnes Cleaning Company did end of tenancy cleaning for me recently and they were so through, they did the floors, the walls, all the cupboards as well as the kitchen appliances (in and out). They did such a fab job, I was almost sad to leave it looked so good.
Sean Miller28/11/2018
      Carpet Cleaners Barnes were easy to work with. Communication from this cleaning company was great. The service itself was precisely what I was after.
J. Porter27/04/2018
     I can't fault the services of BarnesCarpetCleaners in any way. Although their prices are cheap, they deliver perfect results, no matter what type of cleaning job you hire them for. Great stuff!!
Terrence Dickens31/05/2016
     I needed a regular cleaning service and after doing some research, Carpet Cleaners Barnes were definitely the right choice for me. The price estimate that I was given was very reasonable and the quality of the job meant it was money well spent.
     Honestly, I have had so many bad experiences with cleaners in the past that I had lost faith in hiring professional help. When I booked BarnesCarpetCleaners, I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. They were very thorough with their cleaning and did not waste any time otherwise. They even cleaned surfaces that I didn't expect them to be cleaned. Everything from my fridge to the photo frames were scrubbed and cleaned. Definitely worth the money you pay for them!
Y. Knight18/02/2015
     Before I hired BarnesCarpetCleaners I was squeezing in time to dust my mantelpiece and clean my floors, while I totally neglected my oven! Once I discovered this cleaning service, with their reliable staff members and dedicated workers, my life suddenly became so much simpler. Not to mention that my kitchen now sparkles and all that build up of grease and fat has disappeared from my oven and cooking hobs. This company is a lifesaver!
     I liked the fact that your guys really got into the corners! I have never seen a home look so clean, great job! I was considering a few different cleaning companies but I'm glad that I went with BarnesCarpetCleaners. Firstly because you have real people at the end of the phone, secondly because you have good people at the end, and obviously as well because your prices are the best on the market for the service you provide. So anyway, thanks! I won't hesitate about passing your contact on with a smile! And also hiring you again!
Josh R.23/10/2014
     I cannot be bothered to hire a new cleaning company every time a task arises, so after my first positive experience with BarnesCarpetCleaners I decided to call them again when my relatives were visiting over a long weekend. The same great results, friendly people and affordable prices converted me into a permanent client. Consistency is so important when you are working with a domestic cleaning team. You can't afford to prepare for surprises when you are anyway running short on time. With this company I know I can always look forward to great results.
Hannah D.19/09/2014
     The first thing to say about this company is their cleaners are well trained. In my experience they have always turned up on time and have a really good attitude. Even though the price with this company is relatively cheaper compared to that of other companies I still want my money's worth and that's certainly what I get with this company. The cleaners get on with it and do such an excellent job. My living room is looking wonderful now especially. BarnesCarpetCleaners is the only company I would hire cleaners from now. There are miles ahead of any other similar company in my view.
     After years of tidying up after my family, I finally looked into hiring a cleaner. My sister gave me the number of the company she hired her cleaner from and I was so excited as I've heard nothing but wonderful things about them! BarnesCarpetCleaners sent a wonderful cleaner round and everything she did was nothing short of perfection. In all the years that I've been cleaning that house, I've never been able to get it as spotless as that. I'm so glad I've finally done this! I now have time to do the things that I love instead of having to do chores all day.
Emily T.16/07/2014
     Finding a trustworthy company these days can be a nightmare, and I had the task of finding a reliable house cleaner to completely cleanse an old property that I was buying. The house was filthy to say the least but this was no more than an everyday occurrence for BarnesCarpetCleaners. They assured me that this is what they do and so we agreed on a price and they got on with it. Just as they had said, the house looked amazing and at the price they asked, I just didn't expect such a high standard. I would not hesitate in using their services again or in recommending this excellent company.
Terry W.26/05/2014
     I don't really get the house cleaned by anyone else that often, but if I do need to whilst I'm away, or if it's been a busy week, then I will get BarnesCarpetCleaners in for the job. You never really know what you are going to get the first time you use a cleaning company, but I was very pleased with how easily I got on with them, and how well they got on with the cleaning! It was a pleasure to work with these people, and they seemed to be nice enough to have around the house, which would make them a great candidate for a regular service.
Joyce Simmons14/05/2014
     I wanted to find an affordable house cleaner who'd be able to handle all of my cleaning for me. I wasn't looking for anything fancy or special, I just needed a reliable cleaner who worked hard and would do a good job. I hired my cleaner from BarnesCarpetCleaners who provided me with lots of information and help as a person new to the world of professional cleaning! I hired a cleaner to come every few weeks and clean my home thoroughly, and the difference that this has made to my living conditions is just incredible. I've recommended the company to all of my friends and couldn't be more pleased!
Charles R.17/04/2014
     Photography takes up a lot of my life. I am often travelling to different cities and countries to shoot special events and places. As a result, I find myself too lazy and busy when it comes to cleaning. I hired BarnesCarpetCleaners for a once off cleaning job. They did such an amazing job that I now hire them on a regular basis to clean my home on a weekly basis. They work according to my timetable which means I can work and not worry about missing out on job opportunities in order to clean my home - would recommend to everyone!
Joanna Longwood27/03/2014
     I called BarnesCarpetCleaners to help me clean my house because it was just too much cleaning for one person to handle. The cleaner used some really interesting techniques, and even though I was in the house the whole time, I barely even noticed that anyone else was there! I'd recommend this service if you want a cleaner that isn't going to be loud or obtrusive, and this is a great service for me as I work from home. I get my house cleaned fortnightly and I've never been let down by this reliable and affordable cleaning company! Thanks so much!
Brian M.25/02/2014
     I can't believe it took me so long to find the experienced cleaners I've been looking for! With my work obligations my home never looked as tidy as I wanted it to, and after trying lots of different cleaning companies that just weren't up to scratch, I was about to start tearing my hair out! BarnesCarpetCleaners have changed all that, and my house has never looked this good before. I can't recommend this company enough - all the staff are friendly and incredibly thorough. Can't fault them at all and I'll never have to use a different cleaning company again!
     Cleaning companies tend to be an essential part of business. You never really think of things like vacuuming when you are setting up a business, but in fact the presentation of the office is extremely important. I get BarnesCarpetCleaners round to do the office cleaning every few days, and they have always done a great job for me. Having a cleaning company that you know and trust to get the job done and done well is essential for any business owner, and I would not replace this one for love nor money!
Wayne Reed07/01/2014
     This is the best cleaning company I've ever used. The cleaner that I hired from BarnesCarpetCleaners got straight to work and used some really good cleaning techniques that I'd never even thought of before! It was really great to sit down and get some work done while someone cleaned my home for me - it was like a little affordable luxury. My house is always clean, tidy and ready for guests, even people who drop-by last-minute! I love this cleaning service and I'll never go back to doing my chores again! I think this is a company that everyone should try out if you want professional cleaners in your home!
Maisie S.18/12/2013
     As a busy house-share of young professionals we just don't want to be cleaning. So we decided as a group to get BarnesCarpetCleaners in to help us with the cleaning duties, and we are so happy with what they do. They have a key to our house so they come in while we are all at work, meaning once a week we get the treat of coming home to a house that really does sparkle. We couldn't believe it the first time - it would take each one of us days to achieve a finish that good!
Jon, Roger and Lenny02/12/2013